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     The Beauty of Porcelain


Translucent porcelain naturally softens and diffuses light, filling interior spaces with a calm warm ambience unmatched by any other material.


Completely heat resistant and easy to clean, porcelain does not tarnish or degrade and remains unaffected by time.


Throughout history, since it was first made in the Far East, porcelain has been highly valued for its purity and mysterious translucency.


It is these unique characteristics that make porcelain an ideal material for Boatswain Lighting's innovative and opulent installations.




Here is a selection of our standard designs, which are all hand-crafted to order.


We can, however, always adjust them to your requirements.


If you are looking for a  new concept,  either your own  idea, or one we can design for you, let us know.


Have a look at our sections, Clients and Gallery for some of the unique and exciting installations we have designed for our clients.


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